Hi Everybody!

Spend a few bouncy minutes every day with Bobs & LoLo and their friends Winston, Eva and Boom-Boom. You might go to the beach, make up a song, build a smile, help a friend or use your muscles.

”Bobs & LoLo” is a live-action 5-minute pre-school series that combines narrative skits and musical performances that encourage children to participate in and explore the world around them.


From the Bobs & LoLo songbook, the series will create stories that tie-in with their musical narratives and encourage the kids at home to sing-along.


In addition to easy physical comedy, Bobs & LoLo’s upbeat songs will get toes tapping and fingers snapping and it won’t be long before everybody’s dancing with easy-to-follow steps.


Everyone loves to pretend and Bobs & LoLo will be dressing up, making shadows, doing crazy sound effects and animal dances because play is the best thing to do every day.

And whatever Bobs & LoLo do, it’ll be with an upbeat song, some dancing, a hint of social skills and a good time all around.

Bobs & LoLo sign off each episode with a special goodbye tune and invite the audience to come back next time for more fun and adventure.

See you Soon!,